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Hands & Feet

With botanical scrubs, soaks and plant-based emollient treatments, our nail care services are designed to restore the hands and feet of men and women to their natural beauty.

Men’s Grooming Manicure - $30 Aromatherapy soak of the hands and cleaning of the nails followed by filing and shaping of the nails with a buff to finish.
Traditional Manicure - $35
Aromatherapy soak of the hands and nails, gentle hand massage and followed by polished nails with your choice of color.
French Manicure - $45

This treatment finishes the traditional manicure with a beautiful natural pink and white French manicure.
Spa Manicure - $45
After filing and cleansing, our plant-based aromatherapy moisturizing emollient treatment will soften your hands. Your choice of polish finishes this manicure. 


Signature CBD Pedicure - $85

An aromatic and relaxing pedicure treatment with LEEF Steep CBD Bath Tea.  Your feet will soak for 10 minutes in this CBD Bath Tea which will help sooth topical skin irritations and nourish the skin.  The LEEF Revive CBD Balm will provide a deeper relief to the soles of the feet and ankles while basking in our plant-based emollient CBD treatment.  Your calves will be massaged with LEEF Revival Massage Oil bringing much needed circulation and tension relief.

Spa Pedicure - $75
After relaxing in our therapeutic foot soak, your toes and feet are gently cared for. This luxurious treatment features a plant-based hydrating emollient treatment for your feet leaving them silky soft. Polish of your choice finishes this treatment. 

Traditional Pedicure - $65

Aromatherapy soak of the feet and filing and shaping of the nails followed by polished nails with your choice of color.


*For Gel Polish/Dip Powder, please call to book those appointments.  (850) 337-5107*

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