Body Treatments

Our therapeutic treatments feature ingredients from healing plants of the land and the sea that detoxify the skin and bring out its natural glow. Book your body treatment in our Vichy Shower for a hydrotherapy experience from multiple shower heads. Unless otherwise specified, all treatments are 50 minutes.

*New for Summer - a perfect addition to a massage*

Coconut and Apricot Body Treatment (25 min.) $75

This sugar body polish features the tropical scent of coconuts. Natural exfoliants, such as coconut shell powder, makes for the ultimate body polish, while pure cane sugar and nature’s gentle buffers moisturize, eliminating dry skin. With a rich, buttery feel, it can help keep skin looking radiant, soft, and silky smooth.

Berry Pomegranate Body Treatment (25 min.) $75

Leave with beautiful, smooth, hydrated skin! 

This shoulders to toes treatment features the Berry Pomegranate Sugar Body Polish with a sweet scent of fresh-picked pomegranates and berries. Natural exfoliants, such as raspberry seed powder, makes for the ultimate body polish, while pure cane sugar and nature's gentle buffers moisturize, eliminating dry skin. 

Body Polish (20 min.) - $75

An exfoliation treatment designed to polish away dry, dull skin with our special blend of sea salts and oils.

Detoxifying Seaweed Masque - $120

This treatment cleanses and hydrates the body with a unique algae-based detoxifying masque. 

Restoring Mud Treatment - $120

An intense restorative treatment using mud rich in minerals, vitamins, and trace elements infused with essential oils, grape seed extract, and herbs to replenish the body.

Silver Shells Signature Treatment (80 min.) - $165

This ultimate treatment offer the triple benefits of exfoliation, nourishment, and hydration.  After a shoulders-to-toes exfoliation, a gemstone clay mask is applied and you can relax for 20 min., then you are rinsed off with our 6 head shower system.  The final step is an application of hydrating body lotion to complete the treatment.