Massage Therapy 

Our licensed massage therapists provide the healing power of touch combined with essential oils for rest, recovery, and rejuvenation of the body. The prices listed are for 50 or 80 min. unless otherwise stated.

Couples Massage - $130 per person (50 min. only)

Enjoy the comfort of having side-by-side Swedish Massages with your special someone! Perfect for honeymooners or for celebrating an anniversary or special occasion. 

Custom Massage - $140/$195

Using firm pressure on specific muscle groups and pressure points, this massage is for those who need a more therapeutic massage. 

Hot Stones -  $140/$195

Heated stones combined with massage therapy blend together to provide relief to tense muscles resulting in relaxation to the body and soul.

Mother-to-be Massage - $135 (50 min. only)

Share a moment of serenity with your baby. Using specially contoured cushions, our massage will ease the discomforts that occur as your body changes.

Reflexology - $75 25 min. / $150 50 min.

This therapeutic treatment involves working key points of the hands and feet to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body promoting health and balance.

Sports Massage - $130/$185

For individuals wanting more detailed bodywork on specific muscle groups, this is the massage to get. The use of stretching techniques makes this a great treatment for athletes of all kinds.

Swedish Therapy - $125/$180

Leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with our classic massage designed to gently increase circulation and soothe tired muscles.

Add Aromatherapy Oils or CBD Oil to any Massage - $15

Aromatherapy and CBD oils work wonders for relaxation. Your choice of essential oil blends or CBD oil will provide extra therapeutic benefits to massage techniques designed to relax the mind, body, and soul.