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Facials and Waxing

Our licensed skin care specialists have been trained and certified in the use of our products. We offer a variety of facials, using ARCONA, Esthemax, and Image Skincare products. 

               TRY THESE NEW FACIALS
                         by ARCONA Los Angeles

                    Red-Carpet Radiance Treatment $235 (80 minutes)

The Red-Carpet Radiance Facial is a celebrity favorite. It will help the appearance of the skin by brightening, sculpting, lifting, firming and soothing—and increasing its radiance. It will also target the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, wrinkles on the face, upper lip and hands. It leaves the skin more refreshed and radiant.

ADD - Brightening, Contour, Hand, Eye and Lip Treatment, Oxygen spray, and LED 


                    ARCONA Custom Wine Facial $155 (50 minutes)

Developed by European dermatologists, this proven treatment utilizes all natural cranberry exfoliators to remove impurities and deep cleanse. This will relieve pore congestion.The hydrating wine mask will transform your skin. Our gentle but very effective methods prevent skin from becoming inflamed, discolored or scarred. Look and feel rejuvenated. For all skin types.

               Signature Facial Contouring anti-age $195 (80 minutes)

This proprietary deep-muscle facial massage incorporates acupressure and lymph drainage, to provide a great antidote for gravity, and a viable alternative to more intensive treatments. The ARCONA Facial Contouring massage exercises, tones, and tightens the appearance of the face, leaving it looking vibrant and energized. Contouring relieves the appearance of puffiness, for a finer, and contoured look. It relaxes and tones the face. Cumulative treatments produce deeper, more profound results. For all skin types except problem skin.

*Contouring with LED Therapy $220 as add on

                           Organic Enzyme Peel Facial $165 (50 minutes)

The ARCONA Organic Fruit Enzyme Peel is the ultimate resurfacing and hydrating treatment that transforms the skin. This customized facial deeply exfoliates, brightens, and moisturizes with organic fruit enzymes, skin brightening acids and nourishing antioxidants to revitalize and help provide excellent cell renewal for lackluster, dull and sun damaged skin. Purifying enzymes improve clarity, texture and tone, boost radiance, provide deep hydration and increased firmness, while softening and smoothing skin's texture. This active yet soothing treatment cleanses and restores your skin to its natural and beautiful balance leaving skin glowing and radiant. For all skin types except clients undergoing Retin-A therapy. 

                 Four O'Clock Flower Rosacea Facial $155 (50 minutes)

Featuring products from our skin soothing line, derived from the mirabilis jalapa flower, this gentle treatment will help to balance the challenges of rosacea, hydrating and strengthening the skin with botanical lipids and a very mild, soothing enzyme peel, balancing color and texture for a smooth, even appearance. For delicate skin types

                            Men's Performance Facial - $155 (50 minutes)

ARCONA's one-of-a-kind facial treatment designed especially for the challenges and conditions of a man's skin. Relaxes, tones and purifies. Our unique process utilizes a lactic peel with a deep cleanse, to produce powerful results for him. Prepare to be amazed. For all skin types.


Image MD & Esthemax Facials

Image Oxygen Facial - $175 (50 Minutes)

Your skin is cleansed with a gel-to-milk cleanser and then exfoliated with an enzymatic peel.  Once the dead skin cells have been rolled away the O2 lift oxygenating facial masque is applied and it effervesces upon application, harnessing a unique “foam burst” technology to create illuminated skin in minutes. This exceptional mask features Fiflow®, which delivers oxygen to skin to energize, purify and brighten the appearance of skin instantly.

                                Ultimate Vitamin C Facial - $160 (50 Minutes)

Using Image medical grade Vital C products and serums. Formulated Ferulic acid and Vitamin C with amino acids, this facial will brighten and illuminate your complexion. The Vitamin C Firming Mask will reduce redness, exfoliate and protect the skin from free radical damage, revealing a firmer, more youthful appearance with a big boost of radiance. 

                                            Silver Shells CBD Facial - $180

Featuring Esthemax skin care products and the fabulous CBD hydrojelly mask and CBD Dope Serum. CBD studies show cannabidiol can provide anti-inflammatory, moisture regulation and soothing benefits.  CBD can also have soothing properties, reduce redness and help decrease breakouts.   LEEF CBD Salve is applied to your hands and feet to start this luxurious facial.  This facial is both result driven and relaxing as your arms and décolleté are gently massaged with a lavender CBD oil.

24K Gold Facial - $195 (50 minutes)

Our 24K Gold Facial will supercharge your skin! The gold particles in the 24K gold hydrojelly mask will give your skin a radiant glow and brighten and smooth your complexion. Lower layers of the skin are replenished with moisturizing nutrients in the 24K gold flex serum.  The 24K gold flex cream will give you a boost, and a plump, youthful appearance. The antioxidant properties in gold help calm inflammation, reduce skin redness, and protect against free radicals. 

                                Back Balancing Facial - $155 (50 minutes)

This treatment is designed to treat breakout issues on your back.  It will also help balance sebum production with moisture retention. A truly soothing and healing treatment for the skin on your back!


                                              LED Therapy $75 (20 minutes)

            LED light therapy delivers light energy, similar to the way plants absorb light energy from the sun. It emits UV-free, beneficial light rays that energize and and soothe the skin. It also provides four UV-free wavelengths concurrently, to target and help with the appearance of skin concerns such as blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. Each LED color wavelength provides a wonderful benefit:

  • amber reduces the appearance of pigmentation and redness

  • red to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • blue to help the appearance of blemished skin

  • infrared to soothe the appearance of skin

As a result, the skin is provided with additional benefits that exceptionally enhances the performance of ARCONA’s facial treatments overall.

Add Microdermabrasion, Image Ormedic or Signature Peel to any facial for an added boost - your skin will thank you! $55

          Skin Care Add-Ons        

24 K Gold Lip OR Eye Treatment - $25

CBD Oil & Serum - $50

LED Light Treatment - $25 

Microdermabrasion - $55

Image Skin Care specialty peels - $55+

Lux Hand & Foot Treatment - $45

Ask about our seasonal Hydrojelly Masks - $20


Our experts use quick and effective techniques to keep your skin silky, hair-free, and very touchable.

Back or chest - $75+

Bikini - $55+

Extended Bikini - 65+

Half Leg - $55+

Lip/Brow - $20 each

Under Arm - $25+

Full Leg - $90+

Lash/Brow Tint - $20 each

Nose/Ears - $15 each

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